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If you need quality tree service in Peoria IL, you can rely on Tree Service Peoria IL for the full range of essential services.

Here’s some of our services we can do for you:

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  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removals
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  • Emergency Storm Assistance
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We are a full service tree company that proudly serve the Peoria, Illinois area and surround areas.

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Tree removal

Maintaining healthy trees is a critical part of the landscape. Tree Service Peoria IL offers professional tree removal services for trees that are posing risk or constant problems to your residential or commercial property.

Our expert team assesses each situation and plans accordingly to safely remove large, damaged, diseased or dead trees from your property with efficiency and effectiveness. Our tree removal includes assessment and planning, cutting and removal, clean-up and disposal as well as protecting surrounding structures like buildings, fences, etc. Safety considerations are our top priority when it comes to tree removals which is why you should rely on professionals like us every time! With years of experience coupled with the knowledge of local plants/trees, we guarantee quality results at affordable prices in Peoria IL which keeps our customers satisfied all year round!

Tree trimming and pruning

When done properly, tree trimming and pruning can provide numerous benefits to the health and aesthetics of trees. Professional arborists offer essential services that promote proper growth, reduce pest infestation risk, and help trees maintain their shape despite weather conditions or other adversities.

Pruning helps remove dead or diseased branches before they spread disease or infection as well as thinning out overcrowded branches which allows for better sun exposure for new shoots.

Tree trimming is also beneficial in cases where the lower limbs create an unsafe workload on a small workplace area, obstruct views & impede street lamp lights etc., and prevent certain plant diseases from spreading quickly throughout the tree system.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is an ideal choice when it comes to removing tree stumps without compromising the roots. At Tree Service Peoria IL, our experienced arborists use specialized machines equipped with blades that grind away at stumps until they are completely gone and are able to operate in even difficult-to-reach areas.

The process may take a little longer than other methods but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks! Not only does stump grinding preserve root systems, making regrowth easier down the line, it also leaves surrounding property undamaged.

It’s quick, efficient and offers peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about hazardous tree stumps being left behind after removal or causing damage on your lot. Trust Tree Service Peoria IL for all your stump grinding needs; we have years of experience and offer competitive prices for superior services in this area.

Emergency tree services

At Tree Service Peoria IL, we understand the importance of having access to dependable emergency tree services in order to keep your property and family safe. That’s why we offer 24 hour emergency tree service availability so that when you have an urgent problem with a tree or shrub on your lawn, help is only a call away.

All our aid is provided by insured professionals who are trained and experienced in providing swift solutions for all types of related tree problems. We understand the potential risks associated with emergency situations involving trees – such as limbs weighing hundreds of pounds suddenly crashing down onto your vehicles or property – which is why it can give you peace of mind knowing that help from professional arborists is just around the corner waiting to be summoned.

No matter what kind of risk you face – whether it may be diseased branches threatening to collapse into surrounding properties or hefty storm damage looming over unprotected homes – you can trust us here at Tree Service Peoria IL to safely provide quality assistance.

Service Area and Availability

At Tree Service Peoria IL, we provide an extensive range of tree services throughout the greater Peoria area and its surrounding communities. We are proud to serve residents and businesses in East Peoria, Roanoke, Pekin, Bartonville, and more – offering our comprehensive services with quick turnaround time for maximum convenience.

Customers can rest assured that their project will be done quickly, efficiently, and safely to ensure optimal results every time.

We understand that trees require specific care on a regular basis so we remain on-call 24/7 through our emergency service line should anything unexpected occur. Whether you’re dealing with a broken limb or hazardous tree removal situation in your own backyard or you need professional assistance for a large commercial property clearout – no job is too big nor too small – and we offer free estimates over the phone as well as follow up assessments within 48 hours if needed!

So trust us to get the job done right each and every time; from trimming shrubs to taking down entire trees neatly without negatively impacting surrounding flora & fauna – something only experienced arborists like those at Tree Service Peoria IL can handle competently while ensuring safety along the way!

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Trees

By taking the time to properly care for your trees, you can prevent potential issues and ensure their longevity. Read on to learn more about how to keep your trees in top shape!

Regular pruning

Tree Service Peoria IL offers regular pruning to help keep your trees healthy. Pruning can remove dead, diseased, or weak branches and encourage more of the tree’s energy and resources to be put into stronger growth parts.

This helps prevent potential hazards such as falling limbs that could cause damage or injury. Additionally, it will clear away overgrowth allowing better air circulation within the canopy which is important for encouraging resistant attributes in a tree against pests, insects and disease.

Regular pruning also keeps a tree from becoming top-heavy or too large when near power lines, avoiding any risks of incidents with power lines caused by strong winds days later. Tree trimming programs aim to find a balance between reliable power and keeping healthy trees through diligent maintenance practices.

Our team at Tree Service Peoria IL strives to provide all our clients with regular ongoing care services including professional pruning work according to their specific needs without compromising safety standards or success rates in quality workmanship.

Proper watering and fertilization

Taking proper care of trees involves regular watering and fertilization. It’s important to understand how best to achieve the optimal balance for tree health and beauty. Watering successfully should be done no more than once a week, with 1-1.5 inches of water from rain or irrigation directed at the dripline of bulging root balls all around it.

Fertilizing correctly also depends on knowing how much is enough for your soil type; too much can do more harm than good! Here at Tree Service Peoria IL, we always stress that proper watering and fertilization are essential for effective tree maintenance–and our experienced arborists will help you get it just right!

Removal of dead or diseased branches

At Tree Service Peoria IL, we understand how important it is to identify and remove dead or diseased branches in order to protect the tree’s overall health. When branches are left unchecked, they can spread decay throughout the entire tree, causing serious damage and potential safety risks for people and property.

That’s why our team of experienced arborists use a range of techniques and specialized tools to ethically prune these unsafe branches as quickly and effectively as possible. We also take every opportunity to promote healthy new growth so that your trees get stronger over time.

Plus, with our emergency services available 24/7 for fast response times, you can trust us for quick solutions when preserving your tree needs immediate attention.

Identification and treatment of pests and diseases

It is important to identify and treat infestations of pests or diseases in trees in order to protect the health and beauty of your landscape. Proper identification and treatment can prevent damage such as structural defects, weak bark, extensive leaf loss, defoliation from insects, insect borers attacking the tree’s roots, trunk decay due to fungi or bacteria or general decline due to multiple stress factors.

Without treatment, these issues can cause death and weaken a tree structure which makes it vulnerable during storms and other weather events like hail and windstorms.

Professional tree services like Tree Service Peoria IL have experienced arborists trained specifically for pest control treatments who are familiar with the behavior patterns of local pests on your trees ensuring effective comprehensive tree care service.

Importance of Professional Tree Services like Tree Service Peoria IL

Professional tree services like Tree Service Peoria IL are important for your safety, preventing damage to surrounding property, and also relying on the expert knowledge and experience of an arborist.

Safety considerations

When it comes to tree removal and tree trimming services in Peoria, Illinois, safety is a key consideration. Working with hazardous live power lines or using the wrong equipment could have potentially fatal results.

Professional tree service companies like Tree Service Peoria IL can provide safe solutions for your tree care needs by following all safety protocols and using the right tools in order to avoid costly damage and potential peril.

All experienced arborists are highly trained in proper pruning techniques, equipment handling, tension reduction methods and other risk-preventing practices which ensure that everyone stays safe on the job site during these dangerous operations.

Avoiding damage to surrounding property

Professional tree services like Tree Service Peoria IL are important when it comes to protecting a property against damage from unnecessary tree removal and trimming work. Removing trees can be dangerous, as any kind of negligence or error could lead to damage, injuries, or even death.

Additionally, debris such as broken branches left on the ground during cuttings can also cause ankle-twisting hazards for people in the area. When handled inefficiently by an amateur worker, trees may also create further risk by causing significant property damage that could become expensive liabilities for both homeowners and businesses alike.

Professional tree companies know how to properly remove trees with all safety measures taken into account – this includes assessing nearby structures before removing any large limbs and avoiding making contact between strength-sapping blades used for cutting down trunks and rooting systems that haven’t been cleared away as well as ensuring enough distance is provided for safe felling using discretion over where particular pieces of timber should land, clearing drop zones of surrounding properties, thereby protecting them from potential damages.

Expert knowledge and experience

At Tree Service Peoria IL, we understand that tree care is no small task. That’s why our team of arborists are trained in the industry’s best practices. Our experienced technicians have a comprehensive understanding of trees and how they should be handled, ensuring safety precautions are taken every step of the way when providing services like tree removal or stump grinding — giving you peace of mind on the job site.

Not only do we strive to bring precision and efficiency to any project, but also maintain top-notch customer service with each job performed.

With years worth of experience servicing Illinois, rest assured that your property will get the expert attention it deserves when enlisting us for all your tree care needs!

Tree Removal Process

With years of experience in the tree service industry, Tree Service Peoria IL provides a safe, efficient and high-quality removal process to get rid of your unwanted trees. Read on to find out more!

Assessment and planning

At Tree Service Peoria IL, we take the proper assessment and planning of a tree removal or trimming project very seriously. Our team of experts understands how important it is to assess the condition and location of a tree before beginning any type of work.

Cutting and removal

Professional tree services like Tree Service Peoria IL are experienced in assessing, planning, and safely removing trees from residential and commercial properties. 

The cutting and removal process begins with a thorough assessment of the tree to assess its health and condition as well as identify safety risks or hazards that may need to be addressed before beginning work.

This is followed by careful planning which prepares a team to learn how to shuttle debris away safely along with ensuring adequate distance between workers & anyone observing the process.

Expert techniques used to cut down trees include making undercut(s) into the trunk at an appropriate height above ground based on Health/Condition of the tree; and hand sawing off limbs back towards stakeout marks while maintaining proper balance (like wedge cuts).

Finally comes post clean up & disposal of all removed material including taking measures to protect existing lawn from damage resulting due moving heavy machinery around.

Clean-up and disposal

Tree Service Peoria IL provides a comprehensive clean-up and disposal service for all tree removal projects. Thorough clean-up of any debris scattered during the process is essential to maintain a healthy surrounding area.

Commonly this involves using large trucks or heavy equipment for brushing, raking and hauling away limbs, twigs and leaves that accumulate on the ground. Stump grinding is also available by Tree Service Peoria IL to ensure no unsightly stumps are left behind after completion of the job.

Along with these services, professional arborists will inspect and assess trees in order to make sure that they are properly preserved or transplanted if necessary. Finally, you can trust Tree Service Peoria IL to carry out tree removal services during the winter season.

What are some risks that come with tree removal and tree trimming?

Tree removal and tree trimming have inherent risks that can be dangerous if not addressed correctly. When performed improperly, it can cause significant property damage and potentially injure individuals working on or near the trees in question.

Tree service providers must take special care to consider hazards posed by overhead power lines, falling branches, improper safety equipment use, as well as other elements of their work that could result in bodily harm.

This is why it’s important to hire professional tree services like Tree Service Peoria IL with qualified arborists who are knowledgeable about local regulations and best practices regarding their trade.

Not only do these experts provide superior knowledge when completing jobs but they also give guidance on how to properly maintain healthy trees through regular pruning, proper watering and fertilization, pest control identification and treatment when necessary.

Not taking these precautions could lead to unnecessary tree removal due to disease or poor health which ultimately leads back to the aforementioned concerns related to potential injuries from limbs coming down unexpectedly or hazardous conditions due to incorrect handling of project equipment such as cranes used during large-scale projects like removing a whole tree from your property instead of simply trimming off manageable branches.

Tree Preservation and Transplanting

With the right equipment and expertise, Tree Service Peoria IL uses modern technologies to preserve valuable trees and move them to new locations safely.

Saving valuable trees

Professional tree service companies, such as Tree Service Peoria IL, understand the importance of careful preservation and protection for valuable trees. This is why our arborists prioritize tree preservation over other services like removal or pruning.

With proper care and maintenance, these precious resources can be enjoyed by generations to come while providing many critical benefits to our environment and community. Professional arborists like those in Peoria IL employ a variety of techniques to ensure that valued trees are properly cared for.

From crown reduction pruning to nursery stock replanting, our tree experts offer the most comprehensive methods available for taking care of your prized vegetation with minimal damage or disruption.

Relocating trees to new locations

Moving trees to new locations can be a tricky process that requires precision and expert knowledge. That’s why it’s important to work with an arborist for the job—they have experience in safely transplanting trees with minimal damage or risk.

When done correctly, relocating trees can help preserve valuable specimens, or simply allow them to grow elsewhere without disruption of existing property lines or factors such as underground pipes and wires.

However, it is important to keep in mind that tree relocation may cause some changes in the appearance of the tree; some branches may be lost during this process due to stressors associated with moving a large-scale organism from its organic home.

Additionally, there are ideal times for successful plant relocation such as during early spring or late fall when species are naturally dormant and more tolerant of being uprooted and moved into their new environment.

Conclusion: Trust Tree Service Peoria IL for all your tree care needs in Peoria, IL.

Tree Service Peoria IL is an experienced and reliable tree care company dedicated to providing the highest quality services at competitive prices in Peoria, IL and its surrounding areas.

They offer a wide range of services from simple trimming to more complex removals, employing professional arborists who are qualified and knowledgeable about tree health management.

What sets them apart from other companies within their industry is the commitment they show for safety first as well as using only proven best practices for all services performed with maximum efficiency.

When it comes to your trees, trust Tree Service Peoria IL for all your tree care needs; you will be glad you did!

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What people say about us

“Outstanding Service!”

Tree Service Peoria, IL exceeded our expectations. From the prompt response to our initial inquiry to the meticulous tree trimming and clean-up, every aspect of their service was top-notch. The crew was professional, courteous, and efficient. Our property looks amazing, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Highly recommended!”

Daniel C.
Google, November 2023

“Reliable and Trustworthy!”

We’ve used Tree Service Peoria, IL for multiple projects, including tree removal and stump grinding. Their team is not only skilled and experienced but also incredibly reliable. They showed up on time, completed the work efficiently, and left our yard spotless. It’s refreshing to find a tree service company that you can trust. We’ll continue to choose them for all our tree care needs.”

Sharon M.
Google, November 2023

“Exceptional Expertise!”

We are extremely impressed with the expertise and professionalism of Tree Service Peoria, IL. From diagnosing tree health issues to recommending the right pruning techniques, they demonstrated a deep understanding of arboriculture. Their attention to detail and commitment to the health of our trees set them apart. We’re grateful to have such a reliable and knowledgeable tree service in Peoria.”

Adam P.
Yelp, August 2023

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Tree Service Peoria IL FAQ

What kinds of tree services are offered by a tree service company near Peoria, IL?

A professional tree care company in Peoria, IL offers a wide range of services including pruning and trimming, removal of trees, expert stump grinding and removal, general tree care, landscaping and even large tree removal.

Who is the best for Tree Service needs in the area near Peoria?

We’re biased but we think our company, Tree Service Peoria IL, will provide you with an expert team, that’s not only professional but also super friendly with competitive prices for all your tree service needs.

Does the size of the tree matter when removing it or trimming it?

Yes! The size plays an important role in determining the method to be used when cutting down or pruning the tree as well as the manpower required to complete the task safely and effectively while minimizing damage to surrounding property or foliage.

How can I tell if my tree needs removal or just a simple trimming?

A qualified Tree specialist will assess your specific situation before recommending any action such as removing or pruning any type of tree service.

Can I save money by trimming my own tree rather than hiring a professional tree service to do it for me?

While DIY activities can save you some money initially, cutting down your own trees will increase the risk of damaging plants or property compared to relying on an experienced tree service company. And if you end up damaging property, in the long run, it’ll cost more money and headaches, versus hiring a professional tree service provider. So, in the long run, it’s better both in terms of safety and cost if you hire a tree service company.

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